Softball Practice Drills – Leadoffs With Multiple Runners

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Purpose: This drill works on the basics of base running by having players practice leadoffs at each base. The entire team can practice .

Procedure: With a pitcher throwing to a catcher,  runners at each base work on getting a good jump, taking three steps at first and third, and taking five steps at second. Several runners work at each base. Each group completes three leadoffs at a base before all rotate to the next base.

Fast Pitch Softball Drills – Pepper

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Purpose: To develop bat and ball control while bunting. This drill allows many repetitions in a small area and in a short time. This drill is a good activity to keep players warm while waiting for a game.

Procedure: Three or four players stand side by side and face a batter about 10 feet away. Players field and use an underhand toss to feed the batter, who executes all the short-game skills.


Softball Pitching Drills – Throwing to Bases

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Purpose: To practice throwing to all bases when softball pitching.

Procedure: Begin with a pitcher on the mound, a person receiving throws at each base (or one person rotating through the bases), and a person hitting balls. Each pitcher should have the chance to practice throwing to each of the four bases during this drill. The pitcher goes through a windup without a ball, and the fungoer throws a ball in the air and then hits the ball toward the pitcher. The pitcher then moves to field the ball in the center of her body. Each pitcher should field and throw 10 balls to each base including home.

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