Youth Softball Drills – Bat Size Drill

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Purpose: To choose proper bat size and weight so that the batter can hit comfortably.

Procedure: In youth softball drills the selection of bats in various sizes and weights is very important.The player selects the bat that he wants to hit with and holds at by the knob with the arm extended. The arm is extended in front of the player with the bat horizontal to the ground.If the player can hold the position for 30 seconds,the bat size is OK. If he cannot, the bat might be too heavy.If the bat starts to drop or even shake a little in the player’s extended hand, the player should choose a lighter bat.Bat selection is important for softball players of all ages, especially younger ones, because they tend to use bats that are heavier than necessary.

Smaller players should use lighter bats for a quicker swing.Lighter bats also increase bat control.Parents should evaluate different bat sizes and weights for their kids before spending a fortune. Sometimes a $30 bat is just as effective as a $203 bat.Coaches should emphasize the importance of being flexible in bat choice rather than falling in love with a particular bat.

A second technique for selecting a bat is for the player to hold out one hand horizontally. With the other hand, he holds the bat near the end of the handle with the bat resting against his side. The player raises the bal into the same horizontal position as the free hand, without bending the elbow, and holds it for 30 seconds. Not being able to hold up the bat usually means that the bat is too heavy The coach should recommend a lighter bat.

Youth Softball Drill

Youth Softball Drill

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