Softball Baserunning Drill – Three-Base Sliding

October 22, 2009 at 6:16 pm | Posted in Base Running | Leave a comment
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Purpose: Softball baserunning drill– To develop proper sliding techniques.

Procedure: Place three bases spaced at least 10 feet part in a grassy area out in foul territory. Divide players into three lines, one line 45 to 60 feet behind each base. Players should not wear cleats for this drill. (This is a safety precaution.) On the “go” command, the first player in each line runs and slides into the base. After sliding, the player returns to the end of the line, and the next person in line slides. When players slide, they must not start the slide too early or too late depending on their age and size, players should begin the slide when they are about three to five feet from the base. Players should lift their hands over their heads when sliding to prevent hand injuries. On the slide, the trail leg bends dramatically 45 degrees or even more while the lead leg bends slightly.

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