Softball Pitching Drills – Team Flat Surface Pitching

October 22, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Pitching | Leave a comment

Purpose: To improve the softball pitching windup.

Procedure: All the pitchers line up next to each other on one of the white lines on the field with about 10 or more feet between each player. On the ‘go” command, the players wind up using the white line as the pitching rubber. Their first step back (six to eight inches) should be with the foot opposite the pitching arm. The players pivot toward the side (the non throwing shoulder should face home) and then lift the front leg. The players then drop forward using the lower torso to generate hip rotation. The players repeat this motion several times very slowly In the middle of the windup, when the opposite leg is lifted, pitchers can freeze and try to maintain a balanced position for several seconds.

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