Softball Hitting Drills – Concentration Drill

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Purpose:  To develop a batter’s concentration during the pitcher’s release. This drill teaches players to keep their eye on the ball. Use this is a one of your Softball Hitting Drills.

Procedure:  Prepare 6 Softballs, each with a small mark the size of a quarter on two or more sides of the ball; two of the balls should be marked with one color, and the other four with a different color; the colors should be bright and easy to see. Divide the team into group and use assistant coaches to set up two or three stations at one time. Start the drill with the first batter standing in the batter’s box. The pitcher takes one of the six softballs, hidng the colored dot from the batter, and pitches the ball. Starting in a proper stance, the batter prepares as usual, he strides but does not swing and instead calls out the color on the baseball after it is in the catchers glove. The batter must follow the flight of the ball and watch it go into the catcher’s glove. This drill can be set up as a competition to see which batter can identify the most colors correctly

*Coaches should also throw in a ball without any color to see how players react. Some will guess a color, others will tell the coach they followed the ball but didn’t see any color.



Fastpitch Softball Drills – Pitcher Fielding a Bunt

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Purpose: This fastpitch softball drill familiarize the pitcher with coming off the pitcher’s mound after the windup to field a hunted or hit softball in front of the home-plate area

Procedure: Equipment required are A ball, a bat, gloves. Set up the drill with a pitcher, catcher, infielders, and bat¬ter .The pitcher throws the ball, and the batter bunts it toward third base. The pitcher fields the ball in what is scmetimes called “no man’s land.” Mo man’s land is the area between the pitcher, the catcher, and the third baseman. Sometimes, when the ball is bunted into this area, it is too far from the catcher and third baseman for them to field it easily, so the pitcher has the best play.

Softball Bunting Drills – Bunt Drill Batting Practice

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Purpose: To improve softball bunting technique

Procedure: Equipments required are Three cones, batting helmets, gloves, balls, bats.Set up three cones on the third-base line about 10 feet from home plate. Place one cone on the line and the others two feet and four feet on the fair side of it. The coach pitches the ball. The batter squares to bunt, trying to bunt the ball between the two outside cones. Award one extra swing during regular batting practice if the batter bums the ball between the two outside cones. The batter earns two extra swings for knocking down the middle cone.

Softball Hitting Drills – Line Drive Drill

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Purpose: To improve the hitter’s hand-eyes coordination.

Procedure: Equipments required is a bat, a crate of softballs, a protective screen, and the location would be a batting cage, A feeder sits on a chair behind the screen in the batting cage and pitches to a batter.  Strictly adhering the proper softball hitting technique, the batter should attempt to hit a line drive if the batter pops up or hits a ground ball (instead a line drive), the players switch roles.



Softball Hitting Drills – Fungo Drill

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Purpose: To   improve the hitter’s bat control.

Procedure: Equipment required is a fungo bat, a crate of softball; the hitters should stand on the grass along the baseline near home plate. He should then toss the ball to himself and attempt to hit the ball to a designated infielder. This softball hitting drill is designed to improve the player’s bat control by forcing him to hit line drives and ground balls to a specific location. If a fungo bats not available, the drill may be done with a regulation bat.

Softball Drills and Coach: Work Hand in Hand to Bring Out the Best of Every Softball Player

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Drills are essential in all sports. These drills will keep every player in shape and will further enhance their skills in that certain sport that they are playing. If a player wants to develop his skills, these drills could be of great help to him. These drills are set of exercises conducted by the coach and played by the players to improve and again, further improve the skills that they have.  In softball, the softball drills are used by the coach to polish each and every skill needed by the softball players.

Softball drills sharpen the skills of all softball players with regards to pitching, hitting, and catching the softball and running to the different bases. These drills are made by the coach to be played by the softball players. And when these players are practicing these softball drills, it is a must that their coach is also present in their practice so he can be able to correct their mistakes just by chance they are not doing the said drills right.

Softball drills are not only made for fun. Their main purpose is to sharpen the skills of every softball player. And with this, it is very important that the coach is present to observe whether the players are really doing the said set of exercises right.

The coach is the teacher of the whole team. When the players are not skilled at some aspects, it is the role of the coach to teach them the proper things to do to improve those certain aspects. Yes it’s true that these softball drills are ways fro them to improve their skills but the coach still plays a very important role in leading them how to master the said skills provided by these drills.

The coach needs to be present everytime the players practice these softball drills. As these drills serve as the training ground for these players to master their skills in softball, the coach is needed to guide them all the on their practice. If ever there are instances that the players are not doing the drills right, it is the responsibility of the coach to correct their mistakes so they can be able to know the right moves in that certain drill. And when they already know the proper way of doing that skill, it will be easier for them to master the right way of doing that skill and they can be able to showcase it in the real game ball.

Softball drills are undeniably one of the best ways in helping every softball player master all the skills in softball. As these players put these drills into practice, you can be sure that they are on their way to making their name in the world of softball. However, you must not also forget the essence of the coach. Softball drills will not be successful in the absence of coach. These drills work hand in hand with the coach to bring

out the best of every softball player.softball drills

Softball Hitting Drills: Mini Heat Drill

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Purpose: This softball hitting drill is to develop the hitter’s bat speed

Procedure: Equipment required are A protective screen, a crate of whiffle golf balls; a wooden broom handle cut to the length of a bat and a batting cage. A feeder sits on a chair behind a protective screen. The hitter assumes a batting stance approximately fifteen feet away. The feeder throws pitches to each of the batter’s three hit ting zones. The batter should attempt to hit the thrown ball. The hitter should quickly cock his wrists in order to make solid contact with the ball. The drill can be done with the hitter using a regulation bat against either a whiffle golf ball or a softball.

Softball Hitting Drills – Fence Drill

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Purpose: To improve the Hitter’s technique so that his front arm doesn’t exit outward during the swing

Procedure: A player stands facing the fence. To measure the appropriate distance the fence, he touches the barrel of his bat to the fence and holds it parallel the ground with the knob of the bat touching his navel .The player should remember this distance from the fence and assume a hitting stance. He should move through five components of an effective hitting technique. If the player’s bat hits the fence is extending his front arm which is a technique flaw. The player should continue softball hitting drill until he develops the proper technique of keeping his front elbow bent and hands Close to his body as he swings at an imaginary ball.

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