Fastpitch Softball Drills – Pitcher Fielding a Bunt

November 20, 2009 at 2:24 am | Posted in Bunting, fielding | Leave a comment
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Purpose: This fastpitch softball drill familiarize the pitcher with coming off the pitcher’s mound after the windup to field a hunted or hit softball in front of the home-plate area

Procedure: Equipment required are A ball, a bat, gloves. Set up the drill with a pitcher, catcher, infielders, and bat¬ter .The pitcher throws the ball, and the batter bunts it toward third base. The pitcher fields the ball in what is scmetimes called “no man’s land.” Mo man’s land is the area between the pitcher, the catcher, and the third baseman. Sometimes, when the ball is bunted into this area, it is too far from the catcher and third baseman for them to field it easily, so the pitcher has the best play.

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