Softball Baserunning Drills – Lead and Run

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Purpose: To develop aggressive baserunning tactics. It is important to practice baserunning when coaching softball.

Procedure:  This drill will need a couple of softballs, and gloves. Place a first baseman, shortstop, and third baseman around the infield. A player stands on second base, and the rest of the players line up on the outfield side of ths base behind her. A coach stands between home plate and first base, closer to home plate than to first. The coach throws a ground ball to either shortstop or third base. The player on second base leads off the base, and when the fielder throws the ball to first base, runs to third. The next in line enters the drill. The runner now at third base does the same thing she did at seond base, but this time runs to home after the fielder throws to first. After running home, the player goes to the end of the line at second base.

Teams can scratch out as many as two extra runs a game with aggressive base running. However, this aggressiveness must first be practiced. Therefore, you should schedule this drill for every practice. In this drill, there is no force-out at any base, there is either a runner at second base or third base or both with fewer than two outs.   <p><br>If the grounder is thrown to the shortstop, the runner’s lead at second base should not be as large as it would be if the grounder were thrown, to third. The runner at third base, however, should lead farther off the base if the grounder goes to shortstop and stay closer to the base if the ball is thrown to third. Coaches should randomly alternate throwing grounders to the shortstop and the third baseman.


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