Softball Hitting Drills – Continuation Drill

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Purpose: To teach players how to make contact and also stresses on the importance of hitting ground balls. This drill helps polish your  softball hitting techniques.

Procedure: The drill will need batting equipment and gloves. Start by numbering the players from I to 12, assuming that there are 12 players at the practice. Player 1 bats, player 2 is on deck, player 3 is on double deck, and player 4 waits in the dugout. The other players take positions on the field. The coach pitches from in front of the mound. The first batter gets up and stays up for five swings as long as he hits the ball fair and on the ground. The batter is out if he misses the ball, hits it foul, or hits it in the air so that it is caught on a fly. After the first batter is out or has five good swings, the on deck hitter is up. Player 1 gets his glove and goes into the field. The players rotate up, and player 5 comes in from the field and waits in the dugout. The players who made five good swings can have a playoff or get an additional swing at the next batting practice.

Players do not always recognize the situations in which they should shorten their swing. Therefore, practicing this drill regularly can have an incredible impact on a player facing two strikes in a game. In this case, you just have to yell out, “Continuation drill” and the player knows to shorten his swing, which increases bat control. This is a popular and fast-moving drill, and the coach must constantly be aware of the players’ safely. Players should hustle in and out of the field. Players must be in their positions, and the on-deck batters must be in safe locations before the coach pitches. Players should not chop down on the ball to force a ground ball. Compacting the normal swing will suffice. Each player should bat at least twice so that those who made outs in their first attempt will have another chance.


Coaches can divide the team in half. The rest of the team goes through the line-up once before switching sides. Award one point each to a player that swings successfully five times


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