Softball Pitching Drills – Balance Drill

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Purpose: To improve pitching balance. Softball conditioning should focus on balance and power.

Procedure: You will need a bucket of softballs. Pitcher stays at pitcher’s circle. The coach stands behind the pitcher with a softball. Pitcher lifts stride leg  close to a 90-degree position and holds it for four or five seconds. The coach hands the ball to the pitcher, who is still in the balanced single-legged position. Upon receiving the ball, pitcher does her pitch and let leg drops forward after the pitch.

Balance is one of the most important aspects of proper pitching motion. A pitcher cannot throw accurately if she is off balance during the pitch. This drill, along with its variations, can be difficult for many youth pitchers. If your players have trouble with this drill, start them on a single leg position, lifting the stride leg only slightly and progress to extending it over time.

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