Softball Practice Drills- First and Third Offensive Situation

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Purpose: To develop defensive strategies against a first and third steal situation. Practicing game situations is important in coaching softball.

Procedure: For this drill, prepare one softball, a bat and gloves. Set up infielders. Station base runners on first and third. The pitcher pitches the ball, and when the ball crosses the plate, the runner on first runs to second. Depending on how the defense is set up, what the score is, and what inning it is, the runner at third will either stay or run home.

The batter should take the pitch so that the runners can move up. The runner at first base must slide at second whether the catcher throws the ball or not. Sliding creates a bigger diversion for the fielders than going in standing up. The runner at third base should lead off the base toward home plate and constantly look at the catcher. If the catcher fakes a throw down, the base runner on third should stay on the base. Although the third-base runner doesn’t advance, at least one base runner moves up and no one is thrown out. If the catcher throws the ball to second base, the base runner on third must watch the flight of the ball. Sometimes the catcher throws hard back to the pitcher to make it look like he is throwing it all the way to second base. In this case, the pitcher can throw to third and catch the base runner too far off the base.

Other times, the catcher may make it look like he’s throwing to second base, but he will throw it to a drawn – in shortstop or second baseman. If the shortstop or second baseman catches the ball, the base runner must go back to third base. If the ball goes all the way to second base, then the base runner at third can take off and slide into home plate.

If the coach determines that the fielding team has excellent skills, the base runner on first can stop between first ard second.  A rundown will ensue, which might allow enough time for the runner on third base to score.

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