Softball Hitting Drills – Pivot Board Drill

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Purpose: To develop complete back side pivoting action. A good strong pivot will lead to powerful softball hitting.

Procedure: A pivot board is needed for this drill. A pivot board consists of a thick piece of plywood (approximately 3 feet wide and 5 feet long) fastened to a border or frame of two-by-four. At one end of the plywood a hole is cut out and the cut out piece is then fastened to a “lazy susan” device. The lazy susan is a bracket (sold at most hardware stores) which permits a complete 360 degree turn. The circle should turn freely. These pivot boards are available at several sporting goods stores or through some mail-order companies. You can build your own pivot board at a much cheaper cost, and with limited skills and effort.

Start with your back foot on the circle part of the pivot board. The ball of your foot will be placed directly on the centre of the rotating part of the board. Take your stride and then hit the ball off the tee or the toss from your partner. Your back foot should turn freely to enable a complete back side pivot.

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