Fun Softball Drills – King Cone

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Purpose:  This is a fun game where kids learn about throwing and catching. Good passing of the ball is an element of the tag play. Game situations should be taught when coaching softball.

Procedure: The team needs four bases, four cones, and soccer ball (bat, gloves, and regulation ball are optional). Make two teams. Place a cone on the outside corner of each base including one on top of home plate. Put a fielder at each base (total of three) along  with a pitcher and catcher. Everyone else stands wherever they want. The batting team has one kicker at a time. A soccerball is rolled at the cone near home plate. After a kick this person sprints around the bases. While this is going on, the ball must be retrieved and passed successfully to the people at first, second, third, and then home. After each catch, the fielder must knock down his/her cone before throwing to the next base.

Outs include the following: 1] A pitched ball which hits the cone at home plate, 2} a ball caught in the air by a fielder, 3) the batter knocking down a cone, or 4) two foul balls in a row. A run is scored if the barter reaches home plate before the ball gets there. Play three outs per inning, or have each player on a team get a turn at bat. For older kids, use a bat, regulation ball, and gloves. After a hit, the ball must be thrown around the infield in similar fashion. This time, after a catch the fielder must knock the cone over in a tag play.

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