Softball Hitting Drills – Pinball

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Purpose: Similar to the arcade game of pinball: Keep the ball bouncing up and down. Look for bat control and proper bunting technique. Coaching softball must always include bunting in its offense

Procedure: While holding the bat with one hand, keep bouncing a ball up in the air before it hits the ground. Use as much space as needed. Holding the bat at the knob makes it more difficult. Make this “the activity of the day” and ask kids to present their highest scores (individual and team) at lunchtime. Bouncing the ball bak and forth with a partner (10 to 15 feet apart) also simulates the bunting technique (can use two hands on the bat).




Basic Softball Drills – Upper Body Throwing Drill

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Purpose:  To practice driving the glove and ball back to the ear during the transition. To drill reinforces the correct arm action of a catcher. Softball Catchers have several skills to master and throwing to second is one of them

Procedure: Partners stand 40 to 70 feet apart, have one softball per partner. With toes pointing straight ahead, face one another. Throw the ball to your partner without moving your feet.  Just rotate the upper body so that your shoulders line up with the target, and throw. Your partner will catch the ball with two hands and, using the glove, will drive the ball into the bare hand, back and up to the right ear. The glove should push back in a direct route with no arm circle. He will continue this action by throwing the ball back to you.

You may use this drill regularly, for short, intense periods.


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Softball Baserunning Drills – Balancing Act

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Purpose: These relay utilizing running and balance. Incorporating games when coaching softball  makes it fun for the athlete.

Procedure: For each race designate the different teams with starting and finishing points (use bases). In the first game,each kid must run or walk with a bat resting on the end of one or two finger(s). This tests one’s balance and hand-eye coordination. Upon arriving back at your team simply flip the bat to the next person. For the daring, then try balancing the bat on each hand. In the second game race with a ball balanced on top of a glove. After that try to flip the ball up and down off of a glove as you go. For every game, if the object drops to the ground a runner must start again from that point before continuing on.



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