Softball Hitting Drills – Broom Handle Bunt

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Purpose: To develop bunting techniques. Emphasizing the bunt during practices is always a part of softball coaching.

Procedure: One broom handle, a bucket of rag balls or tennis balls A player stands in the batters box and the coach stands approximately halfway between the pitcher’s mound and home plate.The coach throws or tosses a rag ball underhand to the batter.The batter squares around and bunts the ball. Bunting is a difficult, yet crucial, skill to master and is an important strategy in almost every level of youth softball. Emphasize that it is not necessary to bunt the rag ball to a particular side of the infield but that making contact with the broom handle is most important. Timing is important when bunting. In this drill, the objective for the batter is to make contact with the ball therefore, the batter can start in the bunting position. To keep more players actively involved, perform this drill with two or three players. A broom handle is much narrower then a bat, which makes hitting the ball more challenging. When bunting, the batter should not push the bat (or broom handle) into the ball but instead let the ball meet the bat. Batters can imagine that there is a pane of glass right In front at the bat, and if they push the bat forward to bunt the ball they will break the glass. The bat (or broom handle) should be level when in the bunting position. However the fat end of the bat can be tilted up at a slight angle. If the fat end of the bat is lower than the rest of the bat the ball will pop up.



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