Softball Pitching Drillls – Throwing from Behind the Plate at second base.

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Purpose: To develop the correct pitching form, with emphasis on a good follow through. Incorporate varied softball pitching drills to help improve performance.

Procedure: A bucket of softball is placed with the pitcher on the pitcher’s plate behind the rubber on the second-base side of Ihe diamond. Standing at the
edge of the dirt, the pitcher throws either to a catcher or to a screen at home plate.

Throwing further forces the pitcher to isolate the follow through portion of the pitch and concentrate on it more than when pitching off behind second. The pitcher
should take a bigger stride toward home to shorten the distance to the catcher or screen to 40 to 45 feet if the pitcher has trouble throwing from tiis location to
home plate. Because throwing strikes is not a priority in this drill, pitchers should throw into a large screen rather than aiming for a target. Because it is difficult
to throw behind, this drill forces pitchers to stride or jump more. When following through, the pitcher’s throwing hand should finish at the side of the throwing side.

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