Softball Hitting Drills – I Name That Play

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Purpose: If a hitter expects to execute a game, one needs to practice those plays beforehand. It’s very important to practice different game situations because it’s easier for players to recall and execute a play when done during practice. These are good coaching softball tips for fall.

Procedure: You will be needed a Pitching machine, batting cage, bats, balls and helmets. Simulate the many offensive strategies while batting against a pitching machine. Each discipline may call for a different batting grip, body alignment, position in the batter’s box, and strength of swing. Use the following strategy. Progress in numerical order.

Sacrifice Bunt: Bunt a strike away from the pitcher,

Drag Sunt: Bunt a strike close to the foul line.

Squeeze Bunt: Bunt any pitch on the ground.

Hit-and-Run: Swing down at any pitch, and hit it on the ground.

Move the Runner to next base: Hit a strike to the right side.

Sacrifice Fly: Loft a ball to the outfield.

Line Drive: Rip a strike up the middle.

Try this game (older players) with a verbal command (particular play) just as the ball is pitched shout out from between the pitching machine wheels. The batter must be quiet and decisive just as in a regular game. If a batter is unsuccessful in executing a play, the next person hits. You can also perform “Name That Play against a live pitcher. With hitting groups in the cage, have three stations; 1) live batting with the above scenario, 2) deciphering offensive signals from a coach (say what was called), and 3) standing in against a pitcher throwing on the side (no swinging).

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