Softball Baserunning Drills – Baserunning Curcuit

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Purpose: A pitcher will throw from the plate. A catcher in full gear will receive the ball at home plate. Runners are positioned at first and second base only. Practicing base running is part of coaching softball.

Procedure: The pitcher throws to the catcher. He deliberately throws many pitches in the dirt. The runners at both bases will take their primary and secondary leadoffs, read the pitch and react accordingly. If the ball is caught, runners will return to the base. If the ball is in the dirt, runners will react and take off for the next base immediately.

If you can set up additional temporary bases a few feet behind the real bases, more players can participate on each pitch. For older age groups, the pitcher should use a variety of pitches so that the runners can learn to read breaking balls and change-ups.

Fastpitch Softball Drills – Read The Sign

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Purpose: To practice giving and receiving coaching signs. It teaches the baserunning signs, and it lets players get used to timing their jumps on the base path. Baserunning and reading signs should be part of coaching softball.

Procedure: You will need a softball, two sets of bases,  and gloves. Place two bags at each base approximately three feet from each other around the diamond. This allows twice as many players to participate in the drill. A coach stands in the third-base coaching box. The first two players stand on the two parallel first bases. The coach relays a signal to the players. The pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher, and the base runners execute the baserunning skill the third-base coach indicates. The first two runners end up at second base. Two new runners begin at first base.

The signs recommended in this drill are as follows:
A) big lead upon release of pitcher and hold then run to next base
B) steal the next base as soon as the pitcher releases the ball

*The pair of base runners stealing home should be careful to avoid collisions with catcher. Slow down or stop before reaching home plate.

Softball Drills – Reaction Drill

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Purpose: To learn awareness and proper base running mechanics when running from home plate to first base.

Procedure: A player stands at home plate, bat in hand. Other players line up behind her. A coach is in the infield grass between third base and shortstop. The player swings, crosses over out of the box, and heads down the line toward first base. On her third step, she glances at the coach. If the coach is holding up one arm, the player runs through the base. If the coach holds up two arms, she veers out because the ball went through the infield.

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