Fun Softball Drills – Vamos

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Purpose: In Vamos (Spanish for "let's go") the challenge is to run in the correct 
direction, not necessarily home to first. To get your player's attention you sometimes 
must have fun drills when coaching softball.

Procedure: Drill will need bases. Make different baserunning rules for an actual 
practice game or specific inning. First inning: run the bases in reverse. Second inning: 
second base becomes first, third becomes second, and first becomes third. Third 
innning: when the ball is hit to the right side of the field (or infield), the player should 
initially run to third base and proceed around the bases in reverse. If another batter hits 
the ball to the left side, then the player funs to first base. If multiple players are on the 
base paths they must determine the correct direction in which to run, based upon 
where the ball is hit. then reverse this trend the next inning. Stipulate that "running in the 
wrong direction" (for that particular play) results in an out for the offensive team. Fourth 
inning: refer back to the rules of the first inning. Keep home plate as the final destination 
in each phase.

Softball Baserunning Drills – Starter

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Purpose: This is a timed race where runners receive points for their efforts.Every aspect in softball should be addressed when coaching softball.
Procedure: You will need a whistle, four bases, and for stopwatches. This game is best suited with either stationary bases or with chalk-drawn bases on a blacktop. Try to use four instructions. Pick four random teams and a captain for each. The captain names a runnning order which cannot be changed. Each team then sits down behind one of the bases. At the whistle, the first person in each group runs to the next base. Four bases must be touched. If a base is missed that team is disqualified for the particular round. The instructor (standing together) time one group each. The times are then compared for first place (4 points), second (3 points), third (2 points) or fourth (1 point). Tally up the points after everyone has a run, and declarea winner. Play this game each day during a camp, for example

Softball Baserunning Drills – Touch Base Relay

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Purpose: Knock home the importance of touching the bases in this fun race. Baserunning is an important aspect of coaching softball.

Procedure: You will need four bases. Make four equal teams. Have each group standing up in a line behind their own designated base in the infield grass. The formation should look like the letter “X”. At the starting signal, the first person in eachline runs to the next base. You must touch eacho f the four bases, and then sit down at teh end of your line. Each person then moves up a spot. If anyone misses a base, that particular team is eliminated. The first team to have everyone sitting down is the winner.

Softball Baserunning Drill – Three-Base Sliding

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Purpose: Softball baserunning drill– To develop proper sliding techniques.

Procedure: Place three bases spaced at least 10 feet part in a grassy area out in foul territory. Divide players into three lines, one line 45 to 60 feet behind each base. Players should not wear cleats for this drill. (This is a safety precaution.) On the “go” command, the first player in each line runs and slides into the base. After sliding, the player returns to the end of the line, and the next person in line slides. When players slide, they must not start the slide too early or too late depending on their age and size, players should begin the slide when they are about three to five feet from the base. Players should lift their hands over their heads when sliding to prevent hand injuries. On the slide, the trail leg bends dramatically 45 degrees or even more while the lead leg bends slightly.

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