Softball Throwing Drills – Timed Throws

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Purpose: This drill helps players work on softball throwing mechanics by measuring the speed of the release and throw by timing the ball from glove to glove. This excercise shows that a straight-line throw is a lot faster than a rainbow throw.

Procedure: Players need to form a single-file line in left field. A player tosses the ball to herself, catches it, and throws to the catcher at home plate. Draw a throwing line that players must stay behind so that all are throwing the same distance. This drill in useful in tryouts.


Fast Pitch Softball Hitting Drills – Pivot-Rotation

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Purpose: To develop proper hip rotation while pivoting on your back foot and remaining balanced when softball hitting.

Procedure: Put your bat behind your back and lock your arms around the bat. Take your normal stance and pop your hips quickly, rotating your trunk while pivoting on your back foot. After you rotate, remain balanced and don’t move either foot.


Softball Batting Drills – Tomahawk Hitting

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Purpose: To develop proper wrist action at contact for softball hitting.

Procedure: The hitter kneels with the back knee bent. Set the T for a high pitch. The player uses a bat and hits down on the top half of the ball using a tomahawk action. The player can perform the same action with one hand using a very small bat (a fisherman’s club is the right size and shape).


Young Girls Softball Drills – Release and Spin

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Purpose: Allows the fastpitch softball defense to develop proper release and spin.

Procedure: Partners face each other from about six feet away. One player holds the ball in her throwing hand with proper grip and puts the throwing-arm elbow in her glove at about chest height. Partners throw the ball back and forth at least 25 times. This excercise isolates the wrist action so that the players can feel this particular component. They should feel the wrist action, emphasize proper release, and check the vertical spin.

Free Softball Drills – Plumb Bob

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Purpose: A drill focusing on softball hitting which allows players to practice keeping weight centered.

Procedure: The batter grasps the knob of the bat with the lead arm and lets the bat hang in front of the midline of her body. The batter then takes her stride; with a correct stride, the bat will not move.

Softball Catcher Drills – Fielding Bunts

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Purpose: To simulate game conditions while fielding bunts down the first and third baselines.

Procedure: The softball catcher assumes her position behind the plate with full gear. A helper is at first base and a helper is behind the catcher with softballs (where the umpire would stands). The helper rolls a ball out for the catcher to field and throw to first or third.

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