Softball Throwing Drills-Crowhop Drill

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Purpose: To teach the proper footwork of a crowhop step which is essential for developing momentum and power behind a throw. Using the crow hop to increase strength in ones throw is a good softball fielding tip to follow

Procedure: You will be needing softballs and a glove. Start with your toes and body facing the target. Place your cap on the ground about a foot in front. Right-handed throwers will push off on their left foot and land over the hat on their right foot. Left-handers will push off with their right foot and land on their left. When you land, your foot should be squared and your body turned to the directional side as you continue the throwing process. Once again, righties push off their left foot to hop over the hat and land on the right foot, squared, and throw the ball. Vice versa for lefties.

If you have never tried this before, then practice yourself so that you can demonstrate. The first time you introduce this drill you should have players practice without a ball. Once players understand the footwork involved, have them throw the ball. It is very important that players don’t take a skip step. In other words, they do not push off and land on the same foot. It is a hop, from one foot to the other. As they become familiar with the drill, switch the focus to explosive power to generate more distance on each throw.

Fun Softball Drills – Tic- Tac- Toe

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Purpose: These agility drills improve footwork, quickness, balance, and stamina. It is important to practice footwork drills when  coaching softball to improve base running.

Procedure: On the gym floor or in the parking lot, set up a rectangular grid with nine spaces. Hop on one or two feet to-and-from the spaces in the grid. Start of by making the letter “X”. Then form the letter “S.” Then form these letters in reverse order. Older kids can be taught a specific scenario and compete against the clock. For a simple drill, hop back and forth over a line. First, left and right. Second, front and back. Then hop on both feet while making a small square box. First go clockwise and the counter-clockwise. Then try it on one foot. Use time frames (30 seconds each). Work hard and try to improve the times each day.

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