Fun Softball Drills – Vamos

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Purpose: In Vamos (Spanish for "let's go") the challenge is to run in the correct 
direction, not necessarily home to first. To get your player's attention you sometimes 
must have fun drills when coaching softball.

Procedure: Drill will need bases. Make different baserunning rules for an actual 
practice game or specific inning. First inning: run the bases in reverse. Second inning: 
second base becomes first, third becomes second, and first becomes third. Third 
innning: when the ball is hit to the right side of the field (or infield), the player should 
initially run to third base and proceed around the bases in reverse. If another batter hits 
the ball to the left side, then the player funs to first base. If multiple players are on the 
base paths they must determine the correct direction in which to run, based upon 
where the ball is hit. then reverse this trend the next inning. Stipulate that "running in the 
wrong direction" (for that particular play) results in an out for the offensive team. Fourth 
inning: refer back to the rules of the first inning. Keep home plate as the final destination 
in each phase.

Fun Softball Drills – King Cone

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Purpose:  This is a fun game where kids learn about throwing and catching. Good passing of the ball is an element of the tag play. Game situations should be taught when coaching softball.

Procedure: The team needs four bases, four cones, and soccer ball (bat, gloves, and regulation ball are optional). Make two teams. Place a cone on the outside corner of each base including one on top of home plate. Put a fielder at each base (total of three) along  with a pitcher and catcher. Everyone else stands wherever they want. The batting team has one kicker at a time. A soccerball is rolled at the cone near home plate. After a kick this person sprints around the bases. While this is going on, the ball must be retrieved and passed successfully to the people at first, second, third, and then home. After each catch, the fielder must knock down his/her cone before throwing to the next base.

Outs include the following: 1] A pitched ball which hits the cone at home plate, 2} a ball caught in the air by a fielder, 3) the batter knocking down a cone, or 4) two foul balls in a row. A run is scored if the barter reaches home plate before the ball gets there. Play three outs per inning, or have each player on a team get a turn at bat. For older kids, use a bat, regulation ball, and gloves. After a hit, the ball must be thrown around the infield in similar fashion. This time, after a catch the fielder must knock the cone over in a tag play.

Fun Softball Drills – Rip

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Purpose: Create a fast-moving hit-and-run game in the gymnasium. Fielders better be awake for those “rips” right at them and the ricochets off of the walls. Offensive plays should be part of practice so we can start making things happen during games.

Procedure: This drill will need tennis balls, bats, gloves, helmets, and pitching screen.  Start by providing a brief instruction of the hit-and-run play; swing at anything, use a shorter swing, and aim to hit ground balls to the opposite field. To start the drill have one batter at a time (standing in front of a wall) with a pitcher standing behind the screen near the middle of the gym. No catchers. Scatter all fielders behind the pitcher. Expect all types of pitches: fastballs, curveballs, change-ups, and pitches high, low, inside, outside, overland and sidearm. Stress making contact at all times.

Start with seven swings a piece and then rotate. After a catch, roll balls off to the side, or to the vacated area in front of the pitcher. This keeps the game moving along with fielders focused on the hitter. Diving is encouraged. Have a second round when the batter stays up until he/she fails to execute the hit-and-run. Award bonus swings for hits to the opposite field. During the switch of batters (safety purposes) continually yell, “Watch the hitter!”

Fun Softball Drills – Train

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Purpose: After four-way grounders, assemble “tie cutoff train” in the outfield.  Building a strong outfield is a good Softball Fielding Tips for starting teams

Procedure: This drill will be needing balls, fungo bat, and gloves. Hit fly balls from a foul line to the outfielders in center field. Have one person go at a time. The infielders should form one gigantic “train” from the outfield grass back to the person hitting. Stand in formation along the back of the infield dirt, so you’re not in the “line of fire” Practice cutoffs with each toss. Remember to shade to your glove side, and make tosses to that particular area. With balls coming and going, before throwing make sure that the next person in line is looking at you.

Fun Softball drills – Kick Softball

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Purpose: Teach toddlers about positioning, backing up, and some basic rules of the game.

Procedure: This drill is for the age group of 6-8 equipment required is Bases and Soccer ball. Make a softball hitting and fielding team. Draw a three-foot square in the dirt around home plate. A strike is a ball which rolls over this area, and a ball is for anything outside. Have the pitcher roll the ball to the batter at moderate speed. After a fair ball kick, the batter runs to first base. No leading or base stealing. You can also try kicking a stationary ball.



Softball Practice Drills – Movement

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Purpose: Pitchers strive to add movement to their pitches and variety to their softball pitching repertoire.

Procedure:Pitchers should play catch with another pitcher as part of the daily warm-up. Pitchers throw from the mound with the goal of adding late movement to each pitch—either in and out or down (way from the batter’s hands). To add movement to the pitch use different Grips (fingers on or off the seams), vary ball placement in the hand (e.g. choke it for a changeup), and use different pressure points on the ball, applying more pressure for increased movement and less for more velocity. Changing speeds with breaking pitches (changeup, curve or slider) can throw off a hitters timing, especially his/her stride. Pitchers can focus on developing their aptitude for the essential skills of pitch selection and focus, control (strikes) and command (location), movement and changing speeds, velocity, and getting people out These skills can be developed in a variety of ways. Experiment each day with a different grip, ball placement, or pressure point. Keep the same arm speed but use a different arm angle. Try for movement with a different pitch on each throw. Ask hitters for feedback. See what the other
pitchers on your team are doing. Work with the coaches. Always maintain proper mechanics, balance, and follow through when performing any type of softball pitching drill. And remember that the most important pitch is Strike 1!

Softball Throwing Drills – Flick Drill

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Purpose: To practice good wrist action.To observe good rotation of the softball.

Procedure: Players set up with a partner or a target at a distance of 7 to 10 feet, with one softball. Apply a proper four-seam grip to the ball. Your glove will support your throwing elbow at dual height. Your elbow will be bent 90 degrees, Cock your wrist so the ball faces the sky. The ball should be in a position above eye level. From this starting position,flick the ball to the target using only your wrist.This softball throwing drill is also effective for pitchers as they develop new pitches such as the curve ball or circle change.

Softball Drills – Reaction Drill

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Purpose: To learn awareness and proper base running mechanics when running from home plate to first base.

Procedure: A player stands at home plate, bat in hand. Other players line up behind her. A coach is in the infield grass between third base and shortstop. The player swings, crosses over out of the box, and heads down the line toward first base. On her third step, she glances at the coach. If the coach is holding up one arm, the player runs through the base. If the coach holds up two arms, she veers out because the ball went through the infield.

Softball Hitting Drills – Long Tee Drill

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Purpose: To learn how to drive through the ball, and consistently hit line drives when softball hitting. By hitting off the tee three to four feet from the net you don’t always get a clear picture of how to hit the ball. With this drill, players learn how to consistently hit line drives.

Procedure: Set a ball on a tee about 30 feet in front of the net and then place a home plate behind the tee so you can adjust your stance in relation to the plate. Hit line drives into the back of the net.

softball hitting 4

Softball Catcher Drills – Soft Hands Drill

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Purpose: To improve relaxation of the hands for the softball catcher, which helps to develop the soft hands that are required for receiving the ball properly.

Procedure: Catcher 1 will throw tennis balls from 20-30 feet away to catcher 2. Catcher 2 practices giving with the hands when catching the ball.

Softball Catchers - Receiving the Ball

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