Softball Pitching Drill – T- Drill

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Purpose: This is a competitive Softball Pitching Drill.

Procedure: Protective screen or soft toss net, tee, and regulation balls. Ruks: Set up a screen or net just behind home plate. Place a tee, with a ball on top of it, on the plate. Pitchers throw from the rubber. For indoors, use a portable mound and measure off the proper pitching distance according to the age level. Three pitches per perron. An instructor should record the points (see below). Declare a winner per station, age group, or up to 25 points, for example. Assign a set pitching order. Attempt to maintain equal rounds of throwing. The on-deckperson should be the hall feeder. Pickup the halls as a group. Older players can alternate between the four- and two-seam fastballs as well at the stretch and wind-up.

Scoring includes:

3 points: Pitch which hits the ball off of the tee.

2 points: Pitch which hits the tee (pole only).

1 point: Pitch which hits the screen.

Softball Catcher Drills – Catcher Agility

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Purpose: To improve agility for softball catchers and the ability to catch foul balls.

Procedure: The catcher lies flat on her stomach. A partner tosses simulated foul balls behind her, calling “Ball” as the ball is tossed. The catcher scrambles to make the catch.

Softball Batting Drills – Tomahawk Hitting

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Purpose: To develop proper wrist action at contact for softball hitting.

Procedure: The hitter kneels with the back knee bent. Set the T for a high pitch. The player uses a bat and hits down on the top half of the ball using a tomahawk action. The player can perform the same action with one hand using a very small bat (a fisherman’s club is the right size and shape).


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