Free Softball Drills – Paddle Drill

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Purpose: To develop an infelder’s hand-eye coordination. Practicing fielding ball hop is a  good Softball fielding tip.

Procedure: You will be needing softballs and foam paddles. Players start facing each other a short distance apart. One player throws the ball in such a manner as to make the ball hop, simulating a ground ball hit to the infielder. The right-handed infielder assumes the ready position and awaits the throw, keeping his left foot slightly in front of the right. The ball is tossed directly toward the infielder who is holding a foam paddle in each hand. The infielder should use the funnel technique on regular ground balls and the push-through technique on short hop ground bails. The funnel technique involves the infielder cushioning the impact of the ball as it hits the hands. The push-through technique involves the infielder catering the ball by pushing his glove forward through the ball as he points the fingers downward.

The players should strive to make the catch without making any noise. The drill maybe run with hitting softballs using fungo bats to the infielders from home plate.

Softball Drills – Short Hop Drill

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Purpose:To develop proper technique for fielding short hops. Repetition of training will help master a certain skill. Building confidence through perfecting a skill will help in mental training as well

Procedure: You will need one softball per player, gloves, and caps. Divide the team into pairs. Players form two lines 10 to 20 feet apart with pairs positioned across from each other. Everyone kneels on two knees. There should be at least five feet between each player in line.When the coach yells, “Throw.” the players bounce their balls to their partners, who field them on one hop.Repeat the drill until the predetermined time is up. Next, each player puts his cap approximately three feet in front of her. On the “go” command the players try to hit their partners’ caps with the balls. The ball should arrive after one hop.

Fielding short hops is one of the most difficult concepts for youth players to master. This drill accustoms players to the short hop. Practicing in the kneeling position forces players to focus on the bouncing ball. In the traditional upright set position, players tend to turn their heads before the ball reaches the glove. Players should keep their eyes on the ball just as they would when practicing catching fly balls short-Hop drill. The players must ‘look the ball” into their gloves.


Two players stand facing each other and take turns throwing short hops to one another. Players earn points for throwing beyond the receiver’s reach or for missing the ball. The first player to reach five points loses the game.

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