Fun Softball Drills – Rip

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Purpose: Create a fast-moving hit-and-run game in the gymnasium. Fielders better be awake for those “rips” right at them and the ricochets off of the walls. Offensive plays should be part of practice so we can start making things happen during games.

Procedure: This drill will need tennis balls, bats, gloves, helmets, and pitching screen.  Start by providing a brief instruction of the hit-and-run play; swing at anything, use a shorter swing, and aim to hit ground balls to the opposite field. To start the drill have one batter at a time (standing in front of a wall) with a pitcher standing behind the screen near the middle of the gym. No catchers. Scatter all fielders behind the pitcher. Expect all types of pitches: fastballs, curveballs, change-ups, and pitches high, low, inside, outside, overland and sidearm. Stress making contact at all times.

Start with seven swings a piece and then rotate. After a catch, roll balls off to the side, or to the vacated area in front of the pitcher. This keeps the game moving along with fielders focused on the hitter. Diving is encouraged. Have a second round when the batter stays up until he/she fails to execute the hit-and-run. Award bonus swings for hits to the opposite field. During the switch of batters (safety purposes) continually yell, “Watch the hitter!”

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