Softball Infield Drills – Mini D!

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Purpose: Create a small field with bases about 20 to 30 feet apart as away to explain strategy and certain game situations. It is important to practice softball plays when coaching softball.

Procedure: Drill will be needing bases, balls and gloves. Have nine players take the field with everyone else watching. Rotate each player into the field after five plays. Use base runners at a later time . The instructor (will throw the ball where she wants it to go) can mimic bunt coverage, duties for backing up, cutoffs, double plays, on-deck batter responsibilities, rundowns, pop-ups, offensive signals, first-and-third offense and defense, pickoffs, and pitchouts. This activity is best served just before the start of a season. The main reason for the short field is so everyone can easily hear the instructor talking.


Softball Infield Drills- Infield Square Drills

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Purpose: To put a lot of ground ball repetitions in a short period of time. To promote good fielding mechanics. Repetition in training is a good softball fielding tip

Procedure: You will need four people to hit ground balls and four people to catch. Also, each hitter will need a good supply of balls. All infielders and outfielders should be positioned at the four infield spots. Catchers can also go to an infield position unless needed to catch or hit.

At the younger levels, try to get other coaches or parents to hit and catch in order to ittpre of your players available to field ground balls. At the older levels, It is important to observe the mechanics and reinforce good habits. You may want to have a reward system for consistent good plays and/or accurate throws, this may help improve focus and concentration throughout the drill.

Youth Softball Drills – Hurry Up

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Purpose: This game preaches aggressive hitting and hustle. It is important to emphasize hustle when coaching softball.

Procedure: Will need a bat, four bases, and jugs foam bill wrapped with athletic tape. Make two teams and an assigned batting order. The pitcher is from the hitting team. This person cannot field any batted ball or else the batter is called out. The hitting team does not have to wait for the fielding team to get ready. Thus, the fielding team has to hustle out to their positions. The pitcher can stand anywhere, but has to be a safe distance away. The batter receives one pitch. A fair ball must be hit or else an out is called. No leading, stealing or bunting. It’s great to see the kids hustle after each third out. They’ll learn to place the next batter as catcher, so she can quickly jump into the batter’s box, Runs are scored in traditional fashion.

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