Softball Fielding Drills – Reaction Drill

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Purpose: To test and develop a player’s reaction time when softball fielding an oncoming ball

Procedure: Place four cones in a square with 10 to 15 feet between cones.The coach stands in the center of the square, and the first player stands next to a corner cone facing away from the coach.The coach throws a tennis ball toward the player, then immediately gives the “go’ command’s. On the “go” command, the player turns and reacts to the ball, trying to make the catch.After catching the ball, the player drops it on the ground next to him.    The player runs to the next cone, turns toward the coach, who has already thrown a ball in his direction, and tries to react to the tennis ball in the air before making the catch.When the first player has been to an four cones, it is the next player’s turn.

Softball Fielding Drills – Circle Drill

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Purpose: To improve concentration when fielding a ball

Procedure: Equipment required several softballs, gloves.Players form a large circle with plenty of space between them,The coaches standing outside of the circle, throws a ground ball to a player to start the fielding drill.The player catches the ball and then throws a ground ball to any player in the circle except for those very close to him. The next player throws a ground ball to someone else in the circle.After each catch, the coach yells out the number of times in a row the team has caught the ball without errors.The coach then adds a second ball to the drill.

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