Youth Softball Drills – Make a Rag Ball

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Purpose: To provide an alternative to using a hardball for some drills. Modifying equipment can help inĀ coaching youth softball to build confidence.

Procedure: Prepare a box of rags, rolls of masking tape. Distribute the rags among the players, keeping one rag to use for demonstration, Tie a large knot in tie center of the rag. Wrap or crumple tie loose ends around the center knot to give the rag ball shape. Wrap the masking tape around the rag. Make sure to cover all exposed parts of the rag. This ball can be used over and over again and is a great alternative to spending large amounts of money on equipment. The masking tape should not be applied too tight. If it’s too tight the rag ball will have too much bounce. Coaches can use these rag balls in many drills, including the Racquetball Drill and the Toss Drill Over the course of the season, the rag ball will get worn out. Instead of throwing it out, simply apply more layers of tape on top of the existing layers. Some coaches may want to use old newspaper as an allernative to rags. This works well however, additional masking tape is necessary to give the ball its needed weight.

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