Softball Hitting Drills – Hitter’s Challenge

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Purpose: Hitters are challenged to see the ball and hit it hard. How hard they hit the ball, and where, dictates the points they receive. After learning the basics, softball hitting techniques should be developed.
Procedure: This drill will be needing bats, balls, helmets and gloves. This game can be played either inside or outdoors while using a pitching machine or live arm. The hitter should aim to hit ground balls and/or line drives. Only fair balls count. Issue 7 to 10 swings each.
Hitter Scoring Includes:
10 points: Line drive up the middle. 5 points: Line drive anywhere else. 3 points: Hard hit ground ball. 2 points: Slowly hit ground ball, 1 point: Pop-up/fly ball. Another variation of this game, arrange a fielder at each position (no catcher) and rotate people after each hitter. Both hitters and fielders can now earn points on virtually every swing. Establish priority on subsequent grounders and fly balls. Try to maintain equal at-bats and fielding attempts it the different positions for each of the players. Include both of the scoring systems.
Fielder Scoring Includes:
10 points: Difficult catch of a line drive. 3 points: Difficult catch of a ground ball. 2 points: Routine catch of a ground ball. 1 point: Routine catch of a pop-Up/fly ball.

Free Softball Drills – Opposite Angle Drill

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Purpose: To develop the hitter’s bunting technique. Softball hitting must include bunting to have an over-all game.

Procedure:  The team will need softballs, a bat, and two helmets. A marker should be placed near each base line approximately ten feet apart. The batter assumes a good hitting stance. A feeder then stands approximately fifteen feet away from the batter to overhand toss the ball to the hitter. The hitter should pivot on her back leg as the feeder raises her arm to throw the ball. As the batter pivots, she should square her body to the feeder and slide her top hand down the bat to the midpoint of the barrel. The hitter should flex her knees and get into position to bunt the ball. To bunt the ball down the third-base line, the right-handed hitter should pull his left hand to her navel. To bunt the ball down the first base line, the right-handed hitter should push her left hand away from her navel.

The batter should catch the ball with her bat,rather than punch at the ball. The batter should never bunt the ball to the feeder. The batter should practice bunting with only her top hand on the bat, so that she can learn how to catch the ball with the barrel of her bat. The batter should never drop the head of the bat below her hands when bunting. rather, she should bend her knees to bunt a low pitch.

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