Softball Practice Drills – Bunt-Drill Batting Practice

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Purpose: This drill is an excellent motivator for perfecting bunting skills and it should usually precede batting practice. Bunting drills are important softball practice drills.

Procedure: This drill will need a softball, bat, and put an object such as a cone, extra glove, or bucket five to six feet from the foul line, The batters should assume their regular stance and square to bunt just as the pitcher’s front foot is about to hit the ground.The pivot bunt is preferred for younger players. They should pivot on the front of their feet as they square to bunt. The barrel of the bat should be even with or higher than the handle. The hitter should bunt the ball onto the dirt right in front of home plate so that the ball “dies” exactly between the catcher and third baseman. The coach can widen the cones depending on the age of the players or the team’s skill, Positive reinforcement is important in this drill.


The coach pitches to the hitter, who tries to “drag bunt” the ball between the foul line and the object. Five points if the player is successful; deduct five points if the ball reaches the mound. If the ball goes foul, no points are subtracted or added. This encourages the batter to bunt the ball either perfectly or foul.

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