Softball Hitting Drills – Peas

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Purpose: This is a rapid-fire bunting drill designed to get a lot done in a short period of time.  Bunting is a skill each player in a team should know how to do, coaching softball should have bunting in their practice sessions

Procedure: Prepare a batting cage, pitching machine, jug balls, helmet and thunderstick bat. Use the thunderstick bat for purpose of hand-eye coordination and confidence. Put the balls into the pitching machine one after another. Stay in the bunting stance for each pitch. Focus on the “peas” shooting out from the machine. Bunt left. Bunt right. Lay down the sacrifice bunt drag and squeeze. Go through an entire bucket of balls. Don’t worry about a pop-up. Get ready for the next pitch because there’s no time to dwell on the negative. 





Softball Hitting Drills – Pinball

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Purpose: Similar to the arcade game of pinball: Keep the ball bouncing up and down. Look for bat control and proper bunting technique. Coaching softball must always include bunting in its offense

Procedure: While holding the bat with one hand, keep bouncing a ball up in the air before it hits the ground. Use as much space as needed. Holding the bat at the knob makes it more difficult. Make this “the activity of the day” and ask kids to present their highest scores (individual and team) at lunchtime. Bouncing the ball bak and forth with a partner (10 to 15 feet apart) also simulates the bunting technique (can use two hands on the bat).




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