Softball Throwing Drills – Biathlon

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Purpose: Just as in the Winter Olympic sport of target challenges and cross-country skiing, this game combines the talents of throwing and running. The object is to throw balls to designated spots while running against the clock. It is important to put fun drills in  softball coaching so players can enjoy while working hard.

Procedure: Stop watch, balls, gloves and bases. Scatter balls feme for each person at the following areas: pitching mound, home plate, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, center field, and right field. Have the instructors or extra players (with gloves on) at home plate, second base, third base, and first base.

At the signal the player runs from each position on the diamond in successive order 1 thru 9: 1 (mound), 2 (plate), 3 (first base), etc. At Number 1, throw to the catcher. At Number 2, throw to second base. At Number 3, throw to third base. At Numbers 4-5-6, throw to first base. At Number 7, throw to home plate. At Number 8, throw to second base. And at Number 9, throw to third base.

Younger kids can throw to second base from the outfield positions. Time limits can vary for the age groups. Make sure the kids run or jog from station to station. An umpire tallies the scores, and has the right to award points even after errors by a receiver. No points are allowed for balls which roll to the target, or draw the receivers away from the bag. Scoring includes.

3 points: Perfect throw to the receiver.

2 points: Throw which is bounced, picked, or scooped by the receiver.

1 point: Throw which moves the receiver left or right of the base.



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