Softball Hitting Drills- No Stride Drill

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Purpose:   To develop a feel for the proper weight transfer back to the load position. To practice staying closed. To isolate upper body movements.It is important to have varied drills when practicing softball hitting.

Procedure: Use a tee or soft toss with the No Stride Drill. If using a tee, place it between the feet and high up on the homeplate. If the drill features a soft toss partner, then he should be kneeling in the opposite batter’s box. Shift your weight back to the load position and then pivot to hit the ball. Your weight transfer should also include getting your hands started. Your lower body doesn’t move through the drill, with the exception of the pivot. Even then, your feet don’t leave the ground. Focus on the fundamentals of the swing. On completion of your swing, your weight should shift back to the middle.

Free Softball Drills – Resistance Drill

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Purpose: To build strength in arms, wrists, and forearms. Developing strength is important to improve softball hitting.

Procedure: You’ll need a partner and one bat. Take your stance. Your partner will stand to the side with his hands on the end of the bat. As you swing, your partner will resist by pushing against the bat.

The partner can also help the hitter to take a straight route to the ball. Don’t let the batter loop his swing.


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