Softball Hitting Drills: Mini Heat Drill

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Purpose: This softball hitting drill is to develop the hitter’s bat speed

Procedure: Equipment required are A protective screen, a crate of whiffle golf balls; a wooden broom handle cut to the length of a bat and a batting cage. A feeder sits on a chair behind a protective screen. The hitter assumes a batting stance approximately fifteen feet away. The feeder throws pitches to each of the batter’s three hit ting zones. The batter should attempt to hit the thrown ball. The hitter should quickly cock his wrists in order to make solid contact with the ball. The drill can be done with the hitter using a regulation bat against either a whiffle golf ball or a softball.

Softball Hitting Drills – Fence Drill

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Purpose: To improve the Hitter’s technique so that his front arm doesn’t exit outward during the swing

Procedure: A player stands facing the fence. To measure the appropriate distance the fence, he touches the barrel of his bat to the fence and holds it parallel the ground with the knob of the bat touching his navel .The player should remember this distance from the fence and assume a hitting stance. He should move through five components of an effective hitting technique. If the player’s bat hits the fence is extending his front arm which is a technique flaw. The player should continue softball hitting drill until he develops the proper technique of keeping his front elbow bent and hands Close to his body as he swings at an imaginary ball.

Things You Need to Know about Softball Hitting

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Softball hitting is one of the largest parts in softball sport. It is the major bludgeon of every team in order to win the battle. In fact, they are truly rendering more time in practicing this fundamental key for they know that it is going to be their main weapon when comes softball match.

Furthermore, softball sport is the devisee of the baseball sport. As a result, softball sport became one of the most admired games in the entire globe. Actually, it is the most played game of all sports and a lot of people, especially the young ones are truly on stream with this kind of sport.

One of the best parts of the game, which a lot of people really give much attention to is the softball hitting. This is the part of the game where in they are truly going to enjoy playing. It will help you out to improve your possessed-skills and be able to develop or discover your hidden abilities. Yet, before you start your softball hitting training, you must first condition your mind and body. It is very important to set your mind and be able to develop determination and self-control in order for you to accomplish each set of trainings.

First thing you need to practice is the proper handle and use of the bat. You should know already that bat is the only weapon for you to strike or hit the softball. It will be your guide in winning the battle. As a result, you really need to undergo certain trainings on how to make a good hit. It is important for you to learn the things when it comes to selecting your bat. You need to keep in mind that bat plays a vital role in softball hitting; for it is the main control in order for you to create a good hit and be able to move the score. You must pick a bat that will go well with you and that is why you need to consider the size and the heaviness of the bat. It will definitely provide you great speed and good swing. That is why if you have the right bat, for sure you are going to create a good hit.

The way you grip the bat is also extremely important in making a good hit. You must hold the bat comfortably that is why you need to position and be able to settle your fingers in a relax manner. This will also provide you a good swing, which is very necessary in softball hitting. You need also to put into practice the gripping position and you must not hold the bat too tensely or too baggy.

Your position will determine your strength towards softball hitting. Consequently, you need to develop your own position and it should provide comfort in order for you to swing the bat properly and be able to hit the softball in a good way. Keep in mind that there is no ideal position that you need to put into practice that is why you really need to develop your own stance.

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Efficient Teaching of Softball Drills

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It is said that a major part of your winning is because of your coach. As a coach, you have the responsibility to train your team in order to bring out the best in them. You have no right to underestimate the skills of your opponent team, buy you have the every right to develop the skills of your team to make them one of the bests.

You should be the one to set the goal of your team as well as the standard which you need to accomplish at the end of your practice. You should be the role model in showing the right attitude in playing softball. And you should make sure that the skills and gaming performance of your team is improving after doing continuous practice. This is why you have to teach them softball drills everytime they have their practice.

The best approach to educate your team with softball drills is to show them how to do it. It is not enough to keep them with long lectures without any demonstration because this will only make your team sleepy and bored. Although you examples will help them to learn what you are teaching, it will be better if you will show them how. This way, there are more chances for them to get the idea faster.

After your live demonstration, you should give them a chance to do it themselves. Stance is very important in softball hitting and so you have to portray to them how you will achieve the perfect stance which will become very handy when you are in the field. If they are now ready to do the stance, your role will be to determine if they have the correct position of the feet, knees, hips, shoulders and eyes.

Videos can help for your team to learn the different playing strategies and skills. But this will become more helpful, if your players are interacting while playing. An example of this is that you can allow them to watch the video and then let them focus on some parts of the innings. Ask them what will be the perfect action in such particular situation. This way, you can make sure that they understand what you are teaching them because they can make their own decision on what should be their action on that particular situation. Learning softball drills with the help of videos will develop their logical thinking.

In the past year, coaches use chalkboard in teaching their players. This method will still be helpful for you to make your teachings faster and easier. This will aid you in explaining the pros and cons of different playing strategies. With this, you can also assign your players different positions which they need to practice. You can record their performance so that you will know their success and you can also detect things that need more improvement at once.

As a coach, you should understand that you have more responsibilities and obligations and the most important is to teach them drills which will develop their skills and help them to master every aspect of the game. You have to use variety of methods in your teaching to ensure that your team will remember everything you have taught them.

Softball Drills

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