Softball Infield Drills – Front end-Backhand Drill

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Purpose; To teach the middle infielder how to underhand feed the ball to the back end receiver on the double play. Practicing game situation is good softball fielding tip to follow.

Procedure: This drill will need a crate of softballs and  a base. Position the players in the infield around second base. The feeder should kneel on the ground or sit on a crate in the infield grass. The infielder who will be the frontend of the double play should assume the ready position and await the toss of the ball. The feeder rolls the ball between the base and the front end infielder. The infielder should sprint toward the ball and field the ball on the move. The fielder should clearly present the ball to the backend receiver by immediately pulling his glove away from the ball as he begins to make the feed. He should then use an underhand motion to toss the ball to the backend receiver at second base.

The front end fielder should actually put his glove behind his back as he makes the underhand feed. The frontend fielder should grasp the ball in a manner so that the ball is held firmly. The front end fielder should keep a “stiff wrist” when performing the urderhand feed. The right-handed fielder should use his left foot to step toward the backend receiver, following through with his right foot.

Softball Infield Drills – First-Base Overthrow

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Purpose: To practice the procedure for an overthrown ball at first base. Practicing infield positions is a good Softball Fielding tip.

Procedure : You will need a softball, batting helmet, gloves. Position players at every infield position. They should be in the ready position. Put a base runner at first base. The coach has already placed a softball, without the fielders knowing where, in foul territory behind first base to simulate an overthrown ball. On the “go” command, the base runner takes off for second base. The first baseman finds the ball, then throws it to the infielder covering second base.

This effective team drill teaches players what to do after mishandling the ball. The first baseman must first locate the softball. The shorstop should cover second base. The second baseman should stay out of the way of the thrower. She should direct the first baseman if the first baseman has trouble locating the ball. The first baseman must throw accurately to second to keep from making another overthrow. In this drill, the runner should slide. The shortstop must adjust to the throw to properly tag the sliding runner. The left fielder should back up the infielders at the angle of the incoming ball in case of another overthrow.

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