Softball Practise Drills – Relay Handoff

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Purpose: To teach the importance of squeezing the softball in the glove while running.

Procedure: In thisĀ  softball practise drill we need one ball for each line of players,gloves. Divide the team into two (or more) even lines. The first player in each line holds one or two softballs in the glove. On the “go” command the first player in each line runs to a designated area, turns around, and runs backs to his line. After running the course the player hands the softball to the next person in line.Each person gets a chance to run with the softball. The first team to finish with the softball securely maintained in the last runner’s glove wins the race. Squeezing the ball in their gloves ensures that player don’t drop the ball in an intense game situation such as a rundown. Coaches may try two softballs per line, instead of just one, to speed up the drill. Runners must hand, not throw, the ball to the next person in line. Players can also run with the ball in their bare hands.

Fastpitch Softball Drills – Softball Tag

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Purpose: To develop proper glove technique for squeezing? the ball when running to tag an opposing base runner.

Procedure: In this fastpitch softball drills there has to be one or two softballs in each player’s glove, cones or other props to designate the playing field. Mark off the playing area on the softball diamond. Choose one player to be “it.”On the “go” command the player who is it tries to tag the other players within the confined area without dropping the ball or balls from the glove. A tagged player must sit down. As more and more players are tagged cut, the coach moves the cones in to reduce the size of the playing field and to keep the pace of the game quick. Players should keep their heads up looking at the player they’re chasing and their gloves squeezed tightly as they run with the softball.

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