Free Softball Practice Drills – 444 Game (4vs4vs4)

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Purpose: To play an actual game with only 12 players. Having scrimmages is a good way to practice when tournament is about to start, this is a good softball coaching tip.

Procedure: Preapre a regular playing field, balls, bats, gloves Divide players into three teams of four players. Each tearn has at least one pitcher and catcher.One team is at bat. The other two take the field. Only two players play the outfield. One of the coaches can play an outfield position. Play a normal game. After the first team makes three outs, the next team is up. After they make three outs, the final team is up. Simulating real game situations is the best way to prepare for competition, the 444 game is a great way to do so. One coach calls balls and strikes behind the pitcher. Each team should have a catcher. If not, stealing might have to be suspended, To keep the game moving at a fast pace, limit each team to one time through its lineup four at-bats. To familiarize players with starting behind the count, start each player off with two strikes (0-2). This game is a great opportunity to try players at different positions.

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