Softball Baserunning Drills – Starter

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Purpose: This is a timed race where runners receive points for their efforts.Every aspect in softball should be addressed when coaching softball.
Procedure: You will need a whistle, four bases, and for stopwatches. This game is best suited with either stationary bases or with chalk-drawn bases on a blacktop. Try to use four instructions. Pick four random teams and a captain for each. The captain names a runnning order which cannot be changed. Each team then sits down behind one of the bases. At the whistle, the first person in each group runs to the next base. Four bases must be touched. If a base is missed that team is disqualified for the particular round. The instructor (standing together) time one group each. The times are then compared for first place (4 points), second (3 points), third (2 points) or fourth (1 point). Tally up the points after everyone has a run, and declarea winner. Play this game each day during a camp, for example

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