Fun Softball Drills – Ultimate Throw & Catch

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Purpose: This competitive game teaches throwing accuracy, team work and quickness. Adding games to drills make practice more fun when coaching softball
Procedure: softball, gloves, and colored vests. Make two distinct teams. Designate playing boundaries similar to a game of “Ultimate Frisbee.” While playing outside on a diamond, name the outfield foul lines as the “touchdown areas.” Kids can play anywhere but only on the outfield grass, for example. The goal is to complete a series of throws to teammates, and then reach the other foul line.
Put at least three opposing teams. You cannot throw underhand. Defenders must be feet away and cannot touch anyone. The receivers can only take 2 or 3 steps after a successful catch. Upon receiving the ball, throwers must make a toss or else a turnover is called. Make short tosses. A dropped or missed throw, the ball goes to the other team, One team starts with the ball. Attempt to make accurate throws. Point is awarded for every successful throw caught beyond the foul line. After a “touchdown,” the “losing” team should walk to the other end line. The next game should begin with a “throw-off” to the other team. Play to 10 points.

Softball Throwing Drills – Timed Throws

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Purpose: This drill helps players work on softball throwing mechanics by measuring the speed of the release and throw by timing the ball from glove to glove. This excercise shows that a straight-line throw is a lot faster than a rainbow throw.

Procedure: Players need to form a single-file line in left field. A player tosses the ball to herself, catches it, and throws to the catcher at home plate. Draw a throwing line that players must stay behind so that all are throwing the same distance. This drill in useful in tryouts.


Fast Pitch Softball Drills – Pepper

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Purpose: To develop bat and ball control while bunting. This drill allows many repetitions in a small area and in a short time. This drill is a good activity to keep players warm while waiting for a game.

Procedure: Three or four players stand side by side and face a batter about 10 feet away. Players field and use an underhand toss to feed the batter, who executes all the short-game skills.


Softball Pitching Drills – Throwing to Bases

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Purpose: To practice throwing to all bases when softball pitching.

Procedure: Begin with a pitcher on the mound, a person receiving throws at each base (or one person rotating through the bases), and a person hitting balls. Each pitcher should have the chance to practice throwing to each of the four bases during this drill. The pitcher goes through a windup without a ball, and the fungoer throws a ball in the air and then hits the ball toward the pitcher. The pitcher then moves to field the ball in the center of her body. Each pitcher should field and throw 10 balls to each base including home.

Softball Catcher Drills – Catcher Agility

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Purpose: To improve agility for softball catchers and the ability to catch foul balls.

Procedure: The catcher lies flat on her stomach. A partner tosses simulated foul balls behind her, calling “Ball” as the ball is tossed. The catcher scrambles to make the catch.

Softball Fielding Drills – Explode Through the Ball

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Purpose: To practice reaching and running through every ball, improving a player with softball skills catching.

Procedure: Fielders form a line about 10 feet from the tosser. One at a time they run laterally as the tosser tosses the ball low and in front of them so that they have to reach. Each player focuses on exploding through the ball as she catches it. The fielder must not stop and reach because doing so would limit her range. Each player returns the ball with a toss, waits, and form a line that reverses the direction.

Fastpitch Softball Drills for Pitching – Wrist Snap Under Knee

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Purpose: To practice the wrist snap by isolating the wrist when softball pitching.

Procedure: Partners stand about 10 feet apart. Pitchers can throw to pitchers. If right-handed the pitcher kneels on the left knee with the right leg bent and the right foot flat on the ground. The pitching arm is placed against the leg with the ball and hand under the knee. The pitcher flips the ball in the air to her partner by snapping the wirst.

Free Softball Drills – Plumb Bob

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Purpose: A drill focusing on softball hitting which allows players to practice keeping weight centered.

Procedure: The batter grasps the knob of the bat with the lead arm and lets the bat hang in front of the midline of her body. The batter then takes her stride; with a correct stride, the bat will not move.

Softball Hitting Drills – Bat Paddle

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Purpose: To develop hip turn and rotation when softball hitting.

Procedure: Tape a paddle to the barrel of the bat so that it extends beyond the barrel. The batter places the bat behind her back so that the paddle extends beyond her back hip and grips the bat with both hands. The hitter assumes her batting position and her partner stands in front of her about 10 to 12 feet away. The tosser pitches the balls underhand across the plate. The batter takes a full hip turn trying to hit the ball with the paddle.

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