Fun Softball Drills – Vamos

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Purpose: In Vamos (Spanish for "let's go") the challenge is to run in the correct 
direction, not necessarily home to first. To get your player's attention you sometimes 
must have fun drills when coaching softball.

Procedure: Drill will need bases. Make different baserunning rules for an actual 
practice game or specific inning. First inning: run the bases in reverse. Second inning: 
second base becomes first, third becomes second, and first becomes third. Third 
innning: when the ball is hit to the right side of the field (or infield), the player should 
initially run to third base and proceed around the bases in reverse. If another batter hits 
the ball to the left side, then the player funs to first base. If multiple players are on the 
base paths they must determine the correct direction in which to run, based upon 
where the ball is hit. then reverse this trend the next inning. Stipulate that "running in the 
wrong direction" (for that particular play) results in an out for the offensive team. Fourth 
inning: refer back to the rules of the first inning. Keep home plate as the final destination 
in each phase.

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