Softball Batting Drills – Down On One Knee

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Purpose: To concentrate on keeping the barrel above the hands to hit the high pitch. This drill for softball hitting teaches players that the only way to hit the high pitch is to tomahawk the ball.

Procedure: The hitter is down on the back leg with the front leg extended straight. The ball is on a T above shoulder level when the batter is on one knee and she keeps her hands down and the barrel up, tomahawking the ball.


Fastpitch Softball Pitching Drills – Football Toss

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Purpose: To develop correct rise-ball release for softball pitching.

Procedure: The pitcher throws a junior-sized football underhand to a partner. Grip it along the seam with all the fingers and with the thumb on the opposite side. The ball should spiral. If it wobbles in flight, the palm has turned toward the catcher at release.

Softball Pitching

Fun Softball Drills – Close Plays at the Plate

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Purpose: To make the softball catchers practice thrown balls to the plate with a runner scoring.

Procedure: One player simulates a runner trying to score while another helper throws one and two-hoppers toward the plate. The catcher has to make the catch and the tag.


Softball Throwing Drills – Timed Throws

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Purpose: This drill helps players work on softball throwing mechanics by measuring the speed of the release and throw by timing the ball from glove to glove. This excercise shows that a straight-line throw is a lot faster than a rainbow throw.

Procedure: Players need to form a single-file line in left field. A player tosses the ball to herself, catches it, and throws to the catcher at home plate. Draw a throwing line that players must stay behind so that all are throwing the same distance. This drill in useful in tryouts.


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