Softball Hitting Drills – Color Coded Hitting

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Purpose: Improve hand-eye coordination and quicken reaction time in order to consistently hit a variety of pitches.

Procedure: Equipments that are required are Bats, softballs, pitching machine and L-screen, white and yellow dimpled balls and white, yellow and red tennis balls. As a warm up a pitcher flips a ball from each hand at the same time and instructs the batter to hit one of the two balls. For example, “High” for the high pitches, or Low for the low pitch. Another option is to use two different colored balls with the batter instructed to hit one or the other. Advanced hitters can hit at balls numbered from 1 to 3 with the goal of calling out the number on the ball before contact. For the main drill, gather up three different colored tennis balls: white, yellow and red. Set up a close range batting practice session or short toss drill from
behind a screen. The batter should practice a different hit according to the color of the ball White means bunt (e.g. safe color). Yellow means curveball (e.g. caution), so the hitter should try and stay back and hit the ball the other way. Red means fastball (e.g. dead red) so sit back and rip! For further practice, perform a softball hitting drill with the pitching machine using white and yellow dimpled balls. Try hitting the white one and bunting the yellow, Or hit-and-run the white, and hit to the right side for the yellow. But stress the importance of picking the ball up as early as possible. These exercises work on improving hand-eye coordination through concentration from release to contact and the actual grip of the ball at the pitcher’s “L” focus upon release. Remember: Hitters shouldn’t guess. These drills develop instinct and train the hands to react quickly and efficiently.

Fun Softball drills – Kick Softball

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Purpose: Teach toddlers about positioning, backing up, and some basic rules of the game.

Procedure: This drill is for the age group of 6-8 equipment required is Bases and Soccer ball. Make a softball hitting and fielding team. Draw a three-foot square in the dirt around home plate. A strike is a ball which rolls over this area, and a ball is for anything outside. Have the pitcher roll the ball to the batter at moderate speed. After a fair ball kick, the batter runs to first base. No leading or base stealing. You can also try kicking a stationary ball.



Softball Practise Drills – Relay Handoff

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Purpose: To teach the importance of squeezing the softball in the glove while running.

Procedure: In this  softball practise drill we need one ball for each line of players,gloves. Divide the team into two (or more) even lines. The first player in each line holds one or two softballs in the glove. On the “go” command the first player in each line runs to a designated area, turns around, and runs backs to his line. After running the course the player hands the softball to the next person in line.Each person gets a chance to run with the softball. The first team to finish with the softball securely maintained in the last runner’s glove wins the race. Squeezing the ball in their gloves ensures that player don’t drop the ball in an intense game situation such as a rundown. Coaches may try two softballs per line, instead of just one, to speed up the drill. Runners must hand, not throw, the ball to the next person in line. Players can also run with the ball in their bare hands.

Fastpitch Softball Drills – Softball Tag

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Purpose: To develop proper glove technique for squeezing? the ball when running to tag an opposing base runner.

Procedure: In this fastpitch softball drills there has to be one or two softballs in each player’s glove, cones or other props to designate the playing field. Mark off the playing area on the softball diamond. Choose one player to be “it.”On the “go” command the player who is it tries to tag the other players within the confined area without dropping the ball or balls from the glove. A tagged player must sit down. As more and more players are tagged cut, the coach moves the cones in to reduce the size of the playing field and to keep the pace of the game quick. Players should keep their heads up looking at the player they’re chasing and their gloves squeezed tightly as they run with the softball.

Softball Baserunning Drill – Three-Base Sliding

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Purpose: Softball baserunning drill– To develop proper sliding techniques.

Procedure: Place three bases spaced at least 10 feet part in a grassy area out in foul territory. Divide players into three lines, one line 45 to 60 feet behind each base. Players should not wear cleats for this drill. (This is a safety precaution.) On the “go” command, the first player in each line runs and slides into the base. After sliding, the player returns to the end of the line, and the next person in line slides. When players slide, they must not start the slide too early or too late depending on their age and size, players should begin the slide when they are about three to five feet from the base. Players should lift their hands over their heads when sliding to prevent hand injuries. On the slide, the trail leg bends dramatically 45 degrees or even more while the lead leg bends slightly.

Softball Pitching Drills – Team Flat Surface Pitching

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Purpose: To improve the softball pitching windup.

Procedure: All the pitchers line up next to each other on one of the white lines on the field with about 10 or more feet between each player. On the ‘go” command, the players wind up using the white line as the pitching rubber. Their first step back (six to eight inches) should be with the foot opposite the pitching arm. The players pivot toward the side (the non throwing shoulder should face home) and then lift the front leg. The players then drop forward using the lower torso to generate hip rotation. The players repeat this motion several times very slowly In the middle of the windup, when the opposite leg is lifted, pitchers can freeze and try to maintain a balanced position for several seconds.

Youth Softball Drills – Bat Size Drill

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Purpose: To choose proper bat size and weight so that the batter can hit comfortably.

Procedure: In youth softball drills the selection of bats in various sizes and weights is very important.The player selects the bat that he wants to hit with and holds at by the knob with the arm extended. The arm is extended in front of the player with the bat horizontal to the ground.If the player can hold the position for 30 seconds,the bat size is OK. If he cannot, the bat might be too heavy.If the bat starts to drop or even shake a little in the player’s extended hand, the player should choose a lighter bat.Bat selection is important for softball players of all ages, especially younger ones, because they tend to use bats that are heavier than necessary.

Smaller players should use lighter bats for a quicker swing.Lighter bats also increase bat control.Parents should evaluate different bat sizes and weights for their kids before spending a fortune. Sometimes a $30 bat is just as effective as a $203 bat.Coaches should emphasize the importance of being flexible in bat choice rather than falling in love with a particular bat.

A second technique for selecting a bat is for the player to hold out one hand horizontally. With the other hand, he holds the bat near the end of the handle with the bat resting against his side. The player raises the bal into the same horizontal position as the free hand, without bending the elbow, and holds it for 30 seconds. Not being able to hold up the bat usually means that the bat is too heavy The coach should recommend a lighter bat.

Youth Softball Drill

Youth Softball Drill

Softball Hitting Drills – Bubble Softball

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Purpose: To develop different stages of softball hitting, particularly hand-eye coordination

Procedure: One or more large plastic bats, one or more bottles for blowing bubbles,time required 4 to 6 minutes depending on whether the drill is performed with a team or individually.The player holds a plastic bat; the grip is not important.A coach or a parent kneels in front of the player and blows bubbles out of a bottle.The player swings the bat at the floating bubbles.This most basic softball hitting drill is not only incredibly fun for young players, it also teaches the difficult skill of hitting a moving target.Kids as young a three can perform this drill however, all age groups can benefit from hitting an in predictable moving target.The player does not remain stationary or in the batters box but instead chases the moving bubbles around the field or backyard.This drill is more appropriate for one-on-one practice than for team practice.Do not stress technique. Successfully hitting the bubbles is the most important goal for this drill.

Things You Need to Know about Softball Hitting

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Softball hitting is one of the largest parts in softball sport. It is the major bludgeon of every team in order to win the battle. In fact, they are truly rendering more time in practicing this fundamental key for they know that it is going to be their main weapon when comes softball match.

Furthermore, softball sport is the devisee of the baseball sport. As a result, softball sport became one of the most admired games in the entire globe. Actually, it is the most played game of all sports and a lot of people, especially the young ones are truly on stream with this kind of sport.

One of the best parts of the game, which a lot of people really give much attention to is the softball hitting. This is the part of the game where in they are truly going to enjoy playing. It will help you out to improve your possessed-skills and be able to develop or discover your hidden abilities. Yet, before you start your softball hitting training, you must first condition your mind and body. It is very important to set your mind and be able to develop determination and self-control in order for you to accomplish each set of trainings.

First thing you need to practice is the proper handle and use of the bat. You should know already that bat is the only weapon for you to strike or hit the softball. It will be your guide in winning the battle. As a result, you really need to undergo certain trainings on how to make a good hit. It is important for you to learn the things when it comes to selecting your bat. You need to keep in mind that bat plays a vital role in softball hitting; for it is the main control in order for you to create a good hit and be able to move the score. You must pick a bat that will go well with you and that is why you need to consider the size and the heaviness of the bat. It will definitely provide you great speed and good swing. That is why if you have the right bat, for sure you are going to create a good hit.

The way you grip the bat is also extremely important in making a good hit. You must hold the bat comfortably that is why you need to position and be able to settle your fingers in a relax manner. This will also provide you a good swing, which is very necessary in softball hitting. You need also to put into practice the gripping position and you must not hold the bat too tensely or too baggy.

Your position will determine your strength towards softball hitting. Consequently, you need to develop your own position and it should provide comfort in order for you to swing the bat properly and be able to hit the softball in a good way. Keep in mind that there is no ideal position that you need to put into practice that is why you really need to develop your own stance.

softball Hitting

Softball Throwing Drills – Heave-Ho

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Purpose: This game emphasizes softball throwing drills to different spots in the diamond.

Procedure: Anything used for a real game (no bats).Rules.- IVlake two teams. Treat this as a regular game except the batter catches the ball from the pitcher (use gloves). The batter then throws the ball anywhere into the field of play. A foul ball is an out. A batter is also out if he/she misses or drops the pitch (must be a strike for this to occur). Batters have three seconds in which to throw. No burning.

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