Basic Softball Drills – Upper Body Throwing Drill

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Purpose:  To practice driving the glove and ball back to the ear during the transition. To drill reinforces the correct arm action of a catcher. Softball Catchers have several skills to master and throwing to second is one of them

Procedure: Partners stand 40 to 70 feet apart, have one softball per partner. With toes pointing straight ahead, face one another. Throw the ball to your partner without moving your feet.  Just rotate the upper body so that your shoulders line up with the target, and throw. Your partner will catch the ball with two hands and, using the glove, will drive the ball into the bare hand, back and up to the right ear. The glove should push back in a direct route with no arm circle. He will continue this action by throwing the ball back to you.

You may use this drill regularly, for short, intense periods.


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Softball Practice Drills-Shin Guard Shuffle

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Purpose: Catchers need to think of themselves as a banana; the gear is just an outer layer of skin. These drills focus on getting acquainted to the equipment, footwork, hand-eye coordination, endurance and quickness. Softball Catchers have develop themselves physically aside from skills.

Procedure: The drills have full catcher’s gear for each person and balls. For indoor work wear wrestling knee-pads instead of shin guards.Have two catchers face each other while standing in a circle. Use the baskettball tip-of circle when indoors. While wearing full equipment(no mitts;mask is optional) shuffle around the circle while playing underhand catch with the ball and listening for verbal instructions. The toss should refect most of the commands(see below). Attempt to frame every toss. Even the catcher without the ball should perform each command. After each skill, continue on playing catch

Verbal commands include:
Left: Rotate to the left
Right: Rotate to the right
Up: Simulate a pop-up
Down: simulate a block in the dirt
throw: Simulate a toss to second base
Push-up: Do an actual push-up
Sit-up: Do an actual sit-up
Jog: Run in place.

Softball Practice Drills -Wall Drill

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Purpose: To develop comfort when being hit by a ball pitched into the dirt. Practice catching scenarios should be done when coaching softball.
Procedure: As catcher, you are located at home plate with full gear on. The coach will stand about six feet away with several soft balls. Start on your knees in the blocking position with your glove and hand placed accordingly. The coach will throw five to eight balls consecutively. The throws will bounce in the dirt directly in front of you so that they bounce and hit you. Relax, and become familiar with being struck by a ball hit into the dirt- Breathe out as you are hit by the ball.

You may use softer balls take the fear factor out of skill development. Emphasize that the catchers are acting as walls, and that nothing should get through them. Watch for and eliminate any body tension in players. coach or another catcher. Additional padding may be used to protect the exposed part of the bare arm, especially if the catchers are feeling bare up at the time.

Softball Practice Drills – Catcher’s Bunt Drill

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Purpose:  To practice the catcher to field bunts. It’s important to put several  softball fielding tip in catching drills to improve catcher’s performance.

Procedure: As catcher, you’re positioned at home plate in full equipment. A coach or another catcher will stand behind you with softballs. Start in your receiving position as if there was a runner on base. The coach or other catcher will toss out a “bunt” to various spots on the infield. You will spring forward and set your feet to field the bunt properly and make the throw. After that or four bunts, switch with your partner. Bunts should be tossed in various directions to work on different approaches.

Concentrate on the footwork involved with fielding bunts correctly. Catchers should be working on developing quick feet. Make sure they keep their masks on while making the throw.

Basic Softball Drills -Pop-Up Drill

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Purpose:  To practice fielding pop-up balls around home plate. This is a helpful softball catching drill.

Procedure: As a coach, you will need a tennis racquet and a few tennis balls. Each catcher will be in full gear. Get them in a crouch position at home plate. The coach will hit a tennis ball straight up in the air. He will decide when to yell “Go” to signal to the catcher that the ball is up. You will attempt to locate the ball, discard your mask, and then field the pop-Up at or above eye level. Because the tennis ball is bouncy, the catcher is forced to use two hands to safely make the catch. The tennis racquet makes it easy to place the ball where you wish.

With older, more experienced players, add a second ball to the drill. Once the ball reaches its height, catapult another ball and have the catcher attempt to catch both of them. This makes the drill more difficult and challenging.

Youth Softball Drills-Road Block

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Purpose: This is a great game to work on toughness, blocking technique, concentration and endurance. Softball Catching Drills are a must during training to develop good and tough catchers

Procedure: Catcher will need full catching gear and mitt. Have coach prepare a bat, tennis or regulation balls. Start catcher with dressing in full equipment with or without a mitt. The catcher starts in the squat position behind home plate. Throw or hit balls to the catcher from a close distance away. First pratice blocking with tennis balls for purpose of confidence. The move to regulation balls with easy tosses. Progress to hard throws depending on the skill level. Use rounds of 10 to 20 balls a piece. A succesful block is a ball kept in front within a 3-to-5 foot range which the catcher, in a real game, could retrieve a hold a runner from advancing to the next base. Rotate multiple catchers in and out. Those worthy of being called the “Human Road Block” will be loved by their sometimes wild pitchers.

Softball Catcher Drills – Soft Hands Drill

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Purpose: To improve relaxation of the hands for the softball catcher, which helps to develop the soft hands that are required for receiving the ball properly.

Procedure: Catcher 1 will throw tennis balls from 20-30 feet away to catcher 2. Catcher 2 practices giving with the hands when catching the ball.

Softball Catchers - Receiving the Ball

Fun Softball Drills – Close Plays at the Plate

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Purpose: To make the softball catchers practice thrown balls to the plate with a runner scoring.

Procedure: One player simulates a runner trying to score while another helper throws one and two-hoppers toward the plate. The catcher has to make the catch and the tag.


Softball Catcher Drills – Catcher Agility

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Purpose: To improve agility for softball catchers and the ability to catch foul balls.

Procedure: The catcher lies flat on her stomach. A partner tosses simulated foul balls behind her, calling “Ball” as the ball is tossed. The catcher scrambles to make the catch.

Softball Catcher Drills – Fielding Bunts

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Purpose: To simulate game conditions while fielding bunts down the first and third baselines.

Procedure: The softball catcher assumes her position behind the plate with full gear. A helper is at first base and a helper is behind the catcher with softballs (where the umpire would stands). The helper rolls a ball out for the catcher to field and throw to first or third.

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